Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, on the street. Fashion has to do with ideas & the way we live" If you are trendy enough to be different from everybody else, don't change. Be the reason of the crowd not part of the crowd. Here is your chance to enchant everyone by your charismatic walk and Rock the stage with your attitude and costumes.
    Type of event: Group
    Team Size: 8-18
    Contestants should note that it is not a fashion designing competition but a fashion show. Hence the emphasis in this competition is not on the clothes you design but on how you carry yourselves in those clothes and depict a story or a theme through your attires,walks and choreography.
    RAGE- The fashion Parade is an extravaganza event where groups of models shall walk amidst a crowd depicting a theme or a story through their attires, walks and choreography. It shall be an evening of a life time not only for models walking down the ramp but also for all those present there experiencing it. Much to the delights of the competing teams we have handsome cash prize and the following prizes/awards on offer:
    1. Best Costume
    2. Best Make Up
    3. Best Choreography
    4. Best Theme & Depiction.

  • 1. There should be 8-18 Models per team exclusive of the designer.
    2. It is a theme based Fashion show where every team has to represent a unique and innovative theme.

    Some examples of themes are as follows:

    Bridal,Celebrations and Occasions, Festival, Indo-western, Black and White (retro), Colors, Formals, Diversity in India, Diversity of the world,Eco-oriented, Negative Power, Terrorism, World Peace, Deforestation or any other themes as per your choice.
    3. A team shall be given a maximum of 12 minutes including set up and clearance for their performance. However it is mandatory that a team performs for a minimum of 6 minutes. Your time starts counting as soon as the name of the team is announced.
    4. T-shaped extension will be provided on the main stage.
    5. A person per team must be there to manage sound and lights each.
    6. Emphasis will be given to Themes, Waling Style, Props, Originality, Make Up, Walks & Choreography, Stage Utilization.
    7. No props and costumes will be provided by the organizers. Teams have to bring their own costumes and props.
    8. Use of materials like candles, fire, cigarettes, alcohol and any hazardous materials on stage is prohibited.
    9. Two copies of soundtrack to be submitted prior to the show in standard audio format .WAV or .MP3 of sound quality 320 KBPS or above to the organizers (in CDs or PD, no laptops).
  • The Judgment or Evaluation shall be based on the terms of
    1. Models and Walks
    2. Costumes, Ornamentation and Make Up
    3. Choreography and Stage Utilization
    4. Justification of theme
    5. Overall impact
  • Registration Fees : ₹ 2000 per Team
    		Due to the large size of the event , online registration is not available for this event
    		For registration please send a email to us at sammilan2k17@gmail.com with following details : 
    		Subject Of Email : RAGE The Fashion Show Registration
    		Team Name 
    		Name of the college
    		Details of each member(Name,Mobile No,email,gender)
    		Details of the Representative of the team
    		Theme if any
    		Please make sure while sending the email that you have provided all the requested data.
    		Failing to do so may lead to extra work for you.
    		You will be reached back between one to two days.
    For any other enquiries, feel free to contact any of our coordinators or contact our student coordinator, Mr. Sahil Koul at sahilkoul1995@gmail.
  • Mr. Sambhav Jain (9622326850)
    			Ms. Pavni Malhotra (9796440507)
    			Mr. Rishab Dev (8803103878)
First Prize : ₹ 20000